May 1, 2014


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He has a lot of teaching experience. She has short hair. How long does it take to get to the station? I have a dictionary. I seldom eat dairy products. If he could pass for eighteen years old, he'd join the army. She introduced me to her brother. Ten teams competed for the prize. Are you ready to go out? The station is far from here.
Wordpadement: - She thanked him for all his help.
- Where can I rent a car?
- Yes. I plan to buy a car next year. I think you need one in the U.S.
- He looked down his nose at her.
- He had one daughter.
- No. I have a very busy schedule in the morning.
- You are very beautiful.
- What time does the first train leave?
- She's going with me tomorrow.
- These books are ours.
Mary had to go to school. Will you meet me? I apologise for talking to you like that. Can I travel? In the morning, I like to put honey on my toast. I want to ask them when their wedding day is. I don't have much time. Could you hurry? I leave at 9.15. She wanted him to help her father. That house is big.

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