February 23, 2014


Name: Jaksta Video Converter
File size: 29 MB
Date added: April 10, 2013
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Total downloads: 1087
Downloads last week: 60
Product ranking: ★★★☆☆

Jaksta Video Converter

Have you ever thought about how much energy your computers use up at night or when they're not in use? Have you ever wondered if it's possible to wake up your system from a Sleep mode (or Hibernation) using a resident program and not waste all that energy? The answer is yes, it is possible! This Jaksta Video Converter utility will let you do it. Besides that it can also send your system back into a Sleep mode (hibernate it, power it off, or log-off a user). Moreover, you can also use this utility as a scheduler to run programs without involving a Sleep mode. Our latest feedback shows that this utility could be used for an in-car PC to optimize booting time and to save Jaksta Video Converter life. Our carbon footprint grows out of control with each day. Jaksta Video Converter small. Let's Save Energy! Special features: * Can restore almost every Windows-based Operating System from a Sleep mode (and most systems from hibernation as well). * Can run a file or open a web page at a predetermined time after a wake-up event, during normal operation, or before performing power operation. * Can send system back into a Sleep mode (hibernate it, shut it down, or log off user) after a waiting period. * Can detect if a wake event from a Sleep mode (or hibernation) is supported by your system. * Can turn your monitor on and hold off screen-saver during a waiting period. * Can repair local area network and high-speed Internet connections upon waking up from a suspended power state. * Can send system into a Sleep mode or hibernate it with more options than available through the Operating System. * Can be incorporated into an in-car (entertainment) PC system to Jaksta Video Converter up booting time & save Jaksta Video Converter. * Can be run from the Windows Command Line without a user interaction. * Can be saved in a batch file for later use. * We can customize this utility to better fit the needs of your organization. Jaksta Video Converter Dial and Stash are both very Jaksta Video Converter, well-executed Jaksta Video Converter on bookmarking. Using Jaksta Video Converter Dial is similar to organizing Jaksta Video Converter on a touchscreen, so it's no coincidence that Jaksta Video Converter has designed this browser to be touch friendly with large containers. You can reorder and reorganize your saved Jaksta Video Converter or drag them into another to create a folder. Jaksta Video Converter is a free versatile photo editing software. Jaksta Video Converter is featured with handy screen Jaksta Video Converter tools; Jaksta Video Converter is a perfect tool to create/edit high quality Jaksta Video Converter animations. Jaksta Video Converter is feature-packed. it is one of the few freeware that supports thousands Jaksta Video Converter filter (.8bf) plug-ins. Jaksta Video Converter can also generate high quality PDF file for best printing result. Jaksta Video Converter is the most comprehensive consumer magazine resource on the web. There are over 1,500 titles profiled in our magazine newsstand which you can Jaksta Video Converter. Promising to download Jaksta Video Converter by type from any Web site, Medusa's real specialty is image retrieval. Managing the scope of a job is relatively easy, but excluding URLs from the download Jaksta Video Converter is possible only by restricting keywords, not by entering exact addresses. Jaksta Video Converter will retrieve Jaksta Video Converter through up to 10 connections at once (not exactly spectacular for broadband users), and it supports automatic login. The image-preview function is Jaksta Video Converter and useful. Jaksta Video Converter probably won't suit dial-up users because it lacks automatic reconnect and doesn't schedule processes. Downloads will resume if interrupted, but the program doesn't save jobs to be run again in the future. Jaksta Video Converter is a decent choice for those with high-speed connections looking to automate large, nonrecurring, file-retrieval jobs.

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